Ambassador 2020/2021 for SAMYANG

Some followers have already noticed that I have been using more lenses from the famous brand SAMYANG for the last few months. I felt very honored to test some new lenses and publish a few german reviews about my experiences with these new lenses before they were officially available in stores. The step forward to becoming an official brand ambassador for SAMYANG was an easy transition. Since June 1st, 2020, I am supporting the korean lens producer SAMYANG, which is mostly known for its amazing lenses with fixed focal length. During the next one year I will work with new SAMYANG lenses before they are available to the public in order to test and review them in time for a successful publication. This is a dream come true as I have always wanted to try new products before they get their official release. It is very interesting to have a look behind the scenes of a big brand like SAMYANG. I am looking forward to the exciting experiences of the future and I cannot wait to begin. Thanks so much for the honor, support, and help to the team of SAMYANG and Foto Walser!

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